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Face Types

Tell me the shape of your face and I will tell you which glasses suit you.

Round Face

Round faces are identified by not really having strong lines and angles. You should look for lenses that contrast the natural curves of your face.


Frame: COCO
You should look for:
– Striking details.
– Glasses wider than they are high.
– Thin or transparent bridge.

Oval Face

The oval face is considered the ideal shape due to its balanced proportions. You should avoid upsetting the natural balance of your features.


You should look for:
– Lenses that are slightly wider than the widest part of the face.
– Fun shapes.
– Colors and textures.

Heart-shaped Face

In heart-shaped faces, the widest part of the face is at the top and the narrowest part is at the bottom. When choosing glasses, you should minimise the contrast of your face, that is, minimise the width at the top and maximise the bottom.


You should look for:
– Frames that are wider at the top.
– Details in the lower half.
– Clear colors.

Square Face

Square faces are distinguished by having very sharp angles, especially in the jaw. The glasses should be the complete opposite of the shape of your face; you should avoid the ones that have angles. The goal will be to lengthen and smooth the face by adding curves.


You should look for:
– Round or oval shapes.
– Thin frames.
– Neutral colors.

Skin Tones

How do I choose glasses according to my skin tone?

Cool Skin Tone

If your skin is very light or you have a blue or olive undertone but with a pale base, choose dark and cold colors such as white, gray, black and blue.

Hair Color

Brown Hair

We recommend: red, orange, pink, blue, light blue, moss green, black, white, chocolate.

Blonde Hair

Blue, dark green, purple, chocolate, gray, black and white make a nice contrast with the color of your hair.

Red Hair

We recommend: orange, yellow, light blue, pink, light green, blue, green, chocolate, white and black.

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